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Social Media Management Service

Corporate social network agency. We carry out your social media needs, including writing, graphic design, and publishing! Choose your monthly package.

Your socials run by pros!

Expand your business with an active presence on social media using our customized management options.

Strengthen your positioning, improve your relationships, and reach people with interest in your products and services.

Our experienced team will take care of the growth and the enthusiasm of your communities with adapted, accurate, and effective content.

Choose your monthly plan according to your budget and needs. Whether it is for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, add our active management service to your digital marketing strategy.

A complete management including content, design/visual and posting

With the growing popularity of social network, it is now important to have a dedicated page for your business in the most popular apps. In fact, people and potential buyers expect to find your company in their favorite social media, and for the account to be update daily with the latest information about your products and services, and most importantly, containing original and informative posts. Our complete management service is a great investment that will allow you to extend your business opportunities on a daily base.

Monthly Packages

Forfait de gestion de médias sociaux pour pme.
8 posts/publications
4 suggestions per months
Forfait de gestion de médias sociaux pour entreprise.
12 posts/publications
4 suggestions per months
Forfait de gestion de médias sociaux pour médias.
per month
** Possibility of single campaign publishing service.
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Our service includes

  • Writing customized content according to your market, your customers and your products and services.

  • Suggested post contents based on actuality, trends, upcoming events, holidays, seasons, sales, or your company and employee celebrations.

  • The design of personalized visual content (image) featuring your branding, your style, your colours, your slogan, and other texts or special mentions.

  • We help you find additional entertainment content to share.

  • We suggest a calendar of publications based on the performance of your social media, the type of visitors, and the habits of your established clientele.

  • We can manage the programming of your paid campaigns and their targeting in order to optimize the performance of your social networks.

How it works

We send you a planning calendar (monthly or weekly, depending on your preferences) including the content of each publication, text and visual, to allow you to make corrections.

We offer one round of corrections (text and visual). Additional rounds are extra at a cost of $80/h.

Once approved, we will publish communications on your social media according to the best performing hours of your posts and the context of the message.

Once published, we check the quality of each posts on every communication channel (computer, pad and mobile).

While we don't manage responses and comments for your posts and communication tools (Messenger), we stay in touch if you need advice to keep your customer service professional and appreciated. With more than 16 years in the customer service of social platforms, we have a lot of experience and can help you with all kinds of situations.
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Experience since 2006, the first year of use of the Social Platform Facebook. Now extended to multiple social media apps from local to international businesses with hundreds to millions of followers in multiple languages.
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  • Content written by communication and marketing professionals.

  • Content adapted to each platform and according to the habits of their users.

  • A scheduling of publications according to your target audience.

  • Visual chosen and graphic design performed by professionals.

  • Performance analytics and paid targeting tips.

  • Suggested marketing and development strategy.

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